How the Idealist’s Brain Works


Welcome friend, this blog was created August of 2012 with the original intention of recording my experiences as a 28-year-old, returning to college, to earn a  degree in Social Work.

As time has gone by I have experienced much growth and as a result the intention behind the blog has evolved as well. Each year a new intention was breathed into my writing based on the events of my life at the time.

Here is an overview of the years past and where things stand currently:

2012: Record of my musings as a student and a general easing into the vulnerability associated with writing.
2013: A path towards self-actualization formed, more musings about school, and general observations about the world filtered through my personal lens at the time. I also became engaged and moved into my first home with my fiance.
2014: I started the social work program in the summer and was married in the fall. Most of the year was filled with details about these two aspects of my life.
2015: I came out as the feminist as I have always been and processed quite a bit around social justice topics. I also returned to therapy and started the deep journey inward towards my own truth and self-discovery. As a result I started writing openly about my darkness and struggle as a way to understand myself more fully. I also began painting again, some of my art shows up from time to time.
2016: I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in social work and immediately started graduate school. I also worked on two different internships and made a promise to myself to push myself out of my comfort zone. This is the year that I began to truly embrace the gray area in life. Again the further I go along the more personal my writing becomes.
2017: My intention for this year is transformation. The writing will reflect my commitment to this intention.

A little background about me for context:

I am an artist, an avid reader, a social introvert, an INFP, a highly sensitive person (HSP), a feminist, a survivor, a recovering Catholic, an idealist, an optimist, a cynic, a black sheep,  a nature lover, a healer, and a million other things that line up with and contradict much of what I have shared.

A Good Place to Start

A word of caution: My writing style in this blog is essentially stream of consciousness writing. I have an inspiration, I spill it out onto the page until I am done. I rarely edit, I leave things in raw form. I know typos and grammar are sticking points for some, so I thank you in advance for your willingness to read on. I’ll be me, and you be you, and I hope you enjoy.

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