Growing Out a Pixie

I started writing this exact same post around this same time one year ago and as a result I immediately put down my laptop, scheduled a hair appointment, and cut all of my hair off.

The reason: the pixie grow out is an absolute bitch.

When I started writing this post a year ago I realized half way through that the pixie cut is the easiest, most low maintenance hair style there is and suddenly I felt like a fool for ever wanting to grow it out. Well not this time. I am ready to grow my hair out and I will not talk myself out of it.

The high points of the pixie cut (this is where I got myself last time):

It is easy, it is cute, it is both feminine and hard at the same time, there is really no such thing as a bad hair day, you never have to worry about the weather (which is a huge plus in Florida).

The only real low points I can make about the pixie cut are that you rarely get the exact same hair cut twice when you go for your monthly trim. I feel like every time it is slightly different and I have had the same woman doing my hair for the last three years. When it is this short and different parts of your hair grow faster than others consistency is sometimes difficult. The other point is bed head. I get wild looking bed head with a pixie cut. It only takes me 5 minutes to do my hair but I have to do my hair every single day, no exceptions. There is no option to throw it up in a bun, I have to style my hair everyday. Still I can’t complain because it is so easy. Wash, 2 minute blow dry, add some wax, and you are out the door.

So why am I growing it out (I never made it to this part of the post last time, I feel like if I had then maybe I wouldn’t have run off to cut it all off again):

I miss putting it up. I miss straightening sections of my hair (never thought I would say that because the pixie is so easy but I do). I miss my messy waves. I miss the way my hair fans out when I float in water. I miss my husband running his fingers through my hair when I am laying on him. I miss the way my hair frames my face.

I have to keep reminding myself everyday how much I miss this stuff because I was not lying when I said the grow out is a bitch, it is an absolute nightmare. Luckily I have always been very creative with my hair and have found ways to make it bearable but it is still hard.

Everything people say about it is true:

The hair at the back around your neck grows faster which means I am always one hair cut away from a mullet and I have to be very careful.

You go through stages where you feel like Trump with the comb over, and then Bieber with the unruly shag that falls in your face.

The worst part is trying to make it look quasi-professional. Ugh! It’s so hard!

If I had things my way I would wear a head scarf or a hat everyday until I am at the angled bob stage. That is not an option when you have to present yourself professionally. I relish my days off when I don’t have to fight to style it (it is easy to style when it is short, it is impossible when it grows into the shag) and I can throw a bunch of bobby pins in and not give a shit what I look like.

I keep reminding myself how fast my hair grows and pulling up my Maybe Matilda chart to see where I am at with my growth:

maybe matilda

I am at the three month now:


I’d say I am on par. I can’t wait for the 8th and 9th month mark though, styling will be so much easier, or so I hope.

Every night I go to bed and will my hair to grow. My final thoughts before drifting off are of my long thick locks being returned to me.

I love the pixie cute, I think it will always be my favorite style I ever wore, but it is not an easy transition when you are ready for something new.


2 thoughts on “Growing Out a Pixie

  1. I’m in the same boat right now. It’s a little easier for me because I have half of the back shaved, so I’m just waiting for the top sections to grow over the shaved part before I let the shaved part grow… but I’m trying so hard not to touch it!

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    1. I am 7 months in at this point and it is finally resembling a short bob that looks rather deliberate. And while I am thankful for that and am enjoying it being long enough to play with a bit, I am too now beginning to mourn the pixie. No haircut has ever felt so special or so me.


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