Highlights from the Capitol

The trip to the Capitol had some absolute high points. For starters, it is a beautiful city. There are many cute cafes and boutiques, there are Live Oaks and Magnolia trees all over the city which makes it feel less like a concrete jungle. There are a lot of darling details. Not to mention our hotel was fantastic. It had just been remodeled and they paid close attention to the finishing touches, it was something to behold for sure. This post will be a photo recap of some of the highlights from the trip.

I have to start with the pool because that is where we hung out most of the trip.




The pool was on the 4th floor of the hotel so it had a pretty spectacular view of the city and was the best spot for sunsets.


In general the views from the hotel were impressive. At night the Live Oak trees around the hotel would light up with twinkle lights. It was magical.


The first night in the Capitol we went for a walk to the Capitol building by way of one of the many urban parks in the city.



The second day in the city we went to a local bookstore and cafe for lunch. After we were driving back to the hotel and happened upon this awesome little wooded area. The city is full of mature trees, I really loved that. We got out of the car and walked around for a bit, it was serene. There were birds chirping and everything.

I know I had A LOT to say about the difficult social component of the trip in previous posts and there were parts that definitely were difficult but there were times that took my breath away as well. In the end it actually was a pretty well balanced trip. Sure I wish I did not have to experience some of the awkward interactions and am still processing where I could have led from a more compassionate place but this trip also helped me practice a lot of important things. Self-care, boundary setting, assertive communication, self-compassion, remaining flexible, professionalism.

I am pretty introspective by nature so I know I will be processing all of this for weeks to come and realizing deeper truths about myself based on how I showed up on this trip. I hope that everyone else who went on the trip takes the same opportunity. It is okay if I did get it right the whole time, what is important is what I learn, how I grow, and the love I am able to show myself when I know I got it wrong.



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