NF Types Managing Conflict: Part IV

Parts four brings us into the beginning of the conclusion. There will be more posts about this trip and the highlights because there were many. I would be remiss not to spend the time I have on this aspect of the trip though because the truth is this was not just a trip filled with beautiful sunsets and wonderful memories. It was both good and bad, as things often are.

The final morning of our trip my ENFJ friend and I woke up gradually and without speaking to one another. It was great. She is the same way as me in the morning. We both wake up grumpy and do not want to talk to anyone for the first half hour. We had discussed this the night before and knew we would get along great because we understood this about each other and knew that no one would take the silence personal or try to break it before the other was ready to talk.

We were kindred.

So I woke up and started my routine silently so as to disturb my roomie. About 45 minutes later we were both fully awake and functional and began to slowly start getting ready while discussing the plan for the day again.

As a precaution the night before we had both set our phones to silent just in case our friends did not respect our request around the fact that we would be going to bed early and did not want to be disturbed.

This ended up serving us well because they did not respect our wishes. We woke up and saw that late in the night they had both texted us. One texted this:


The other texted this: “Thou art blessed”.

Umm..??? WTF guys? I would have been so pissed if our ringers had been turned on and I woke up for that. Pissed to the point of probably going over to their room and telling them off. By the time those moronic text messages came through we had been asleep for HOURS. Seriously. Grow up.

So I started having a very human reaction to their behavior. They were not being considerate and I was about done. (There were other smaller incidents that led to this over all frustration that I did not even mention because a five part post is long enough, with everything included it would be a nine part post).

My friend and I sent the others a text one hour before we had all agreed to leave the hotel and heard nothing, so we stopped by their room on our way to the lobby when it was time to go and only one of them was there. She answered the door looking wrecked and in her pajamas saying that she was having a negative reaction to the new antipsychotic med she started the day before. I am sure drinking an entire bottle did not help. Needless to say she was not ready to go and was complaining about being nauseous and the room spinning. She said she would start getting ready and that we could leave in a half hour. We then informed her we were leaving and should could meet us at the Capitol once she was ready. We all agreed to this schedule and we also agreed that we were all going to be responsible for ourselves, that means not asking anyone else to make exceptions for you. Our hotel was two blocks from the Capitol so we all planned to walk, she could walk over when she was ready.

Then we called the other one to see where she was. At this point we were in the lobby getting ready to walk out and she was back in the room “finishing her bagel”. We told her to meet us at the Capitol and she said she would be down in a few minutes to go with us and for us to wait. We told her we were going and that our colleagues were at the Capitol waiting for us and that she could just walk over with the other friend when they are both ready.

This led to a long weird story about how she planned to walk over with us and come back to get the other friend. Um, that does not make sense. Just walk over with her when she is ready. We are leaving, this is the time we said we all agreed to leave, we will see you there. Then the truth came out. Well, _________ isn’t going to come because she is sick. That is unfortunate (there is an assignment attached to the work we were doing at the Capitol, this means she will not be able to do the corresponding assignment). Either way, we had to leave or we wouldn’t be able to get into a meeting. We are leaving.

Our friend rushed down and we left.

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