Tomatoes from the Vine

It has been our favorite kind of weekend: quiet. Saturday we spent time with family. In the evening I stepped out back alone and wandered through my parents garden sniffing basil leaves and picking small red tomatoes sweet from the sun. As I flicked a tomato into my mouth I looked up to see a group of birds flying over head away from the sunset, I decided it might be a good time for a walk.

Hubs and I took Lu and my parent’s pug Scout for a walk to the lake near their home. On the way I loaded the pockets of my overalls with rocks and stopped to pick flowers. When we got there Lu on the shoreline while hubs threw rocks across the lake and Scouty sniffed the clovers. I love watching hubs throw rocks across the lake. He has a good arm from all those years playing baseball, he would disagree with me but that’s what I think anyway.

Today we went to the grocery early and got the makings for black bean burgers and vegetable orzo soup this week. When we got home I set myself up with my sketch book and got to work. I have been wanting to finish my Thickety painting since I stepped away from it but I have never drawn or painted a deer, I was nervous that I was going to mess up my beautiful forest with any attempt I make. I tried a few different drawings in my sketch book before I finally started painting on my canvas.

Truth be told I like my sketches better. It is a solid first attempt though and although my little deer did not come out as I had planned I do not think it ruins anything either. What I really like about him is how I was able to mirror the diseased fungus that plagues the rest of the thickety. In the book it describes so vividly how every living thing is covered in the moss and rancid fungus.


Next weekend I am going out of town with a few girlfriends from school for our last hurrah before graduation. I am looking forward to laying by the pool and relaxing for a few days.

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