Salt Water and Moon Beams

moon beams.jpg

Tonight is our first full moon of the month which means time to charge my new crystals. This is a practice I am new to I admit. So new in fact that the first time I attempted to do this I laid on my crystals out in the backyard on my make shift little alter, AKA my plant shelf, and only after the fact was informed by my husband that it was not a full moon night, rather it was a new moon night which meant no moon at all. Oops. A superstitious piece of me wondered if a full moon is supposed to positively charge my crystals does that mean that a new moon/no moon will have the opposite effect? Hope not. I got it right later that month when the full moon came around.

Part of the reason I was looking forward to the beach yesterday was to cleanse my crystals in salt water as had been suggested by the women I know who work with crystals. Unfortunately that did not pan out so I rinsed them in distilled water which I have been told is a suitable alternative when the ocean is not an option.

When I walked out tonight to set up my little alter it was raining and I thought maybe that was okay. I have always personally felt cleansed by the sound and sight of rain, maybe my crystals will be cleansed as well. I am hoping the clouds will not get in the way of the full moon beams but either way it will be what it is meant to be.

If you want any more information about this practice that might seem a bit foreign if you’ve never heard it before this site has a great Q and A section about the practice.

Crystal Cleansing


Gratitude Upon Gratitude Upon Gratitude

This morning I opened my email and soon after felt the familiar trickle of tears down my smile worn cheeks.

I mentioned that I am submitting a personal writing piece with the hopes of having it published in a magazine for women that I read. When I made this decision to step into this place of vulnerability I did so with the love and support of some of the women in my life. Before submitting this piece I knew I needed this support. I sent my writing to 5 friends whom I trust with my heart and asked for honest feedback.

These 5 friends were chosen quite deliberately. Aside from trusting them, I knew they would each bring a unique perspective. 2 of my friends have degrees related to literature and writing, all of my friends are well read, they all have a conscious mindset towards growth and self-love, they all fall in different places on the MBTI spectrum (ISTJ, INFJ, ENFJ, INTJ etc), and they are all creatively inclined in their own way. I have gotten meaningful, much appreciated, feedback thus far. For this alone I am grateful because I kind of sprung this on my friends last minute.

This morning I opened my email and found an email from one of these friends about my piece. I assumed it would be her feedback but it was so much more than that. This friend is a high school English teacher (almost all of my close girlfriends are either musical, social workers, teachers, or writers – I am clearly attracted to a certain kind of woman). The email she sent me was her student’s critiques of my work. I was so moved by this. She presented my piece to her creative writing class and asked them to critique and give me feedback as an assignment for class. Some of the feedback was so touching. I am not going to lie though, I was even touched by the student who only corrected a grammatical error. It was the fact that she allowed me to be part of her classroom in this way, she made something I created part of another person’s learning experience. And moreover, some of her students appeared impacted by my words.  This is what abundance feels like my friends. To make something that means something to you, that you have a deep personal connection to, and then find that it meant something to someone else as well.

At this point even if my submission is not accepted I am still so grateful. This has been a beautiful lesson in receiving.  Allowing myself to ask for support, that was almost as hard as making the decision to submit the writing in the first place. Then to allow myself to be open to the support I received in return, in all of it forms.. I am humbled. I am grateful. I feel infinite and loved in this moment. Thank you for that my friend. You touched my heart with this simple act.

Some of the feedback I received:

student feedbackstudent feedback1student feedback2


The Unfinished Thickety

Yesterday did not goes as planned. Such is life. That is why I don’t like to spend too much time making plans when I can help it. I recognize I ultimately have limited control of things and why spend the present planning for a future I have no real say in? Don’t get me wrong, I make plans. I try not to spend a lot of time on small plans though and I do my best to remain flexible as a way to manage my expectations.

So, yesterday the beach did not happen. The weather was overcast with a forecast for rain and I wanted sunshine so we quite literally decided to rain check.

As an alternative we spent the day on projects. It was not as relaxing or revitalizing as the beach but it was still good.

Hubs and I got up in the morning and went to the local hardware store. He picked up the tools needed for his project, I day dreamed in the wood flooring section. He asked a man about roofing tar, I picked out the perfect paint color for a future nursery.

After the hardware store hubs took me to the art supply store. I have been painting something in my head for over a week but none of the canvas I currently have are big enough to hold it so I needed a size upgrade. Lucky for me the canvas were not only marked down, there was a special promotion where when you buy the canvas you get a free paint brush set. Now I am not saying they were world class brushes but I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth either.

Let’s pause for a moment. That is a weird ass saying. I need to know its origins.

Okay, for anyone else that was curious: I was unable to find the origin of the phrase but I was able to determine its meaning. It has to do with the fact that you can gauge a horse’s age by looking at the length of its teeth. When men would deal in horses they would check the teeth of the horse to insure they were getting a good deal and not being cheated with an old horse. The gift horse phrase is implying that when you are gifted a horse it would be rude to check its teeth (look it in the mouth) because regardless of its quality/age it was a gift.

Alright, enough of  that.

After the art store we stopped by the grocery and got our supply for the week and headed home.

I spent the rest of the day painting while hubs was on the roof patching a possible leak. By dinner time we were both finished and settled in for Zaalouk with kalamata olives and basmati rice.

Hubs was checking out my painting and made mention of something I already knew to be true, it looks unfinished.

Good catch.

I finished the landscape of the thickety and it all looks exactly as I envisioned. I cannot tell you how exciting that is. Before I start a new art project I am usually filled with some degree of self-doubt. I have a vision in my head of what I want the finished project to look like and my not-good-enoughs always ask, am I good-enough to bring my vision to life? Unfortunately I do not fully trust in the my own artistic abilities. This was one of those times I was able to restore my own faith though.


The painting is inspired by the series I am reading right now, The Thickety. It is a series about witches and woods magic. I am on the second book of the trilogy and it takes place in The Thickety which has been cursed with a sickness by the forest demon. All the flora and fauna are covered in a green sickly moss and navy bluish/black fungus. I got the flora part down and I am pleased but I chickened out when it came time to introduce the fauna to the piece. I am nervous about the scale and my own accuracy. I decided to stop here and come back when I feel ready. I know exactly what I want it to look like but again I just don’t feel confident yet. Maybe after graduation when I have a little down time I will spend some time on it. For now it is just the thickety.