You and Me

you and me weekend

Hubs and I decided to have a You and Me weekend. Just you, me, and the dog (and sometimes not even the dog).

Last night we watched a movie and cuddled on the couch and then I read my book for hours before falling asleep. This morning we laid in bed and talked for a while before getting up and taking Lu for a walk in the park next to our home.

The park is always a lively place in the spring. Hubs and I spent a long time walking around the pond counting the different kinds of fish and turtles we saw. There were millions of tadpoles all plump and blissfully unaware of how close they are to losing their tails in lieu of little frog legs.

We came home from our family walk and I spent the next few hours writing a paper for school. I did so begrudgingly but I will admit I learn some new things from my research.

In the late afternoon hubs and I went out for an early dinner. He teased me about being an old lady and made a reference to the early bird special. Hey man, if the shoe fits, I’m hungry.

Over our early dinner hubs and I talked about gender norms, for some reason we had been exploring this topic from different angles all day. On the way home we decided to linger near our old street and visit our favorite place to sit and be together in our community.

We got out of the car and saw two boxers on the shore line we laughed as they played in the lake and scampered on the beach. I balanced and hopped on tree roots of an old live oak tree while telling hubs all the best parts of the book I am currently reading. ..And all the creatures of the forest are covered in black mushrooms because of the dark magic, only the good witch can save them… On and on I went as I circled the tree to the point of dizziness.

In our community we have a bench. We have been sitting on this bench together overlooking one of the lakes and the city since we first moved into our community 5 years ago. Tonight we sat on our bench and did what we do on our bench, talked about our life and our future. We make plans on this bench, we let this bench hold our hopes, dreams, and worries. This bench is special, it holds many sacred everyday parts of our love story.

As we walked by the bank of the lake on the way back to the car I picked flowers and danced on cypress knees, hubs held my hand to steady my balance as he often does in my life. We drove home with the windows down, dreams shared between us, my fist full of wildflowers wind whipped by my hand held out the window.

We came home and took a evening walk with Lu and watched the sunset over another lake in our community. We waved to neighbors and I picked more flowers for my bouquet. When we got home I placed my flowers in a jar of water.

Tonight I gave myself a pedicure in preparation for toes in the sand tomorrow at the beach. I spent my night writing for me to balance all the writing I did for others this week via documentation and papers for school. Now I will retire and read my book until my eyes are too heavy to continue because I know there is no better way to fall asleep than in the arms of the one you love with a book in your hand.


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