A Day Spent in Gratitude


I got up this morning, sent my resume out to a few agencies, had some tea, and then read for a bit. I picked up around the house, started chopping the veggies for the soup I am making for dinner, and then settled in to write for a bit. One problem. Nothing to write about.

It is not that I am without inspiration, it is more that none of my current musings are fully formed. I have a future post I am still working on in my head around a word that has been coming up recently. I have another that deals with symbolism. Then another about self-care. None are quite ready to launch though.

So there I sat with the need to write in order to feel balanced but no real sense of direction. Then I looked down at my tea cup and thought, Of course.

The tea cup I chose this morning was my gratitude tea cup. The message on my tea bag this morning was from my favorite artist and it spoke about one of my great loves, nature. It was all right here in front of me. Gratitude for the things I love and hold dear.

Because I write about gratitude so often I thought I would do something a little different to set this post apart. This will be more of a visual post.

My gratitude for today:


I am going to start my gratitude from the foundation where it begins, love. Self-love to be specific. This photo was taken in my mid-twenties when my true journey towards unconditional self-love began. I was single for the first time since I had begun dating and I was finally able to see that alone was not so lonely and that love could be found in all kinds of relationships, not just intimate ones. I am grateful I had that time. It was the best part of my twenties and the first time I felt connected to myself in a long time.

Next I want to continue in my gratitude for love. Love comes in all different forms in my life.

I am grateful to give and receive love in so many ways; through my close relationships with family, soul friends, hubs, and my fur baby. As well as in my everyday dealings with the world. I am able to speak my truth in therapy and out in the world and feel the unconditional love that can only come from within you; I feel deeply connected to myself. With my clients I am able to empower them to speak their truth and feel the rays of love that shine out of them when they are able to step into their own light and love. Love is all around me. I am love. My gratitude will always start with love.

I am also grateful for our home and the community we call home. We have become so attached to this wonderful place we get to live. I/we are grateful for it all the time. We know how fortunate we are to have found a place in this world that feels like home. Hubs was just saying the other day that a dream home anywhere else would not truly be a dream home because it wouldn’t be here. We are already living a piece of our shared dream and I am grateful.


Today being my day off I am grateful for time. Time to read my books, and create, and make a nice dinner for my little family. I know my schedule will not always be so flexible, I do not take this gift for granted.

One of my biggest pieces of gratitude in recent years has been my personal journey of healing and self-discovery through therapy. I have no words. It has given me so much.

This was sunrise and sunset from soul camp last fall. I have learned to let the world around me support me as I walk this path and in doing so I have a deeper love and appreciation for my connection to everything around me. While at soul camp I accepted love and support from the wind, the sun, the moon, the ocean, the ground, light, darkness.. It may not make sense to some but it is my truth so it does not need to. Therapy has brought me to my truth and for that my gratitude has no end.

social work.jpg

I am grateful that I was able to listen to the whispers of my soul and follow my path back to school. I am grateful that I found my place in a field that feels like home. I am grateful for the support of my husband as I took time for myself to see this dream through. I have become so much more than I knew I could be. Now my greatness has no limits, I am open to every possibility that exists for me. That was not always my truth though and by taking this one step into the unknown to follow this dream I have also found myself.

Finally I am grateful for nature and the world around me. There is beauty and magic blanketing our very existence and I am grateful that I am able to see that. I am grateful for a partner to travel through life with, both literally and figuratively. I am grateful that being outside consumed by nature is something that we share together. My definition of home is lost in nature with him.