You Came Back.

I had lunch with my best friend from elementary school Monday. This is the second time I have seen her since she has come back into my life and I can’t explain the feeling of having her back.

I remember dancing to Madonna and the Beach Boys in the living room. I remember having the same day beds in our bedrooms and wearing the same shoes and the same clothes and pretending we were sisters because neither of us had one. I remember selling purple cool-aid on her street corner because we didn’t have lemonade. I remember our brothers being best friends too and us both thinking they were nerds. I remember sleepovers every weekend, I got pink eye for the first time because she had it and I wasn’t willing to be away from her.

This girl is a big piece of my good memories. It feels good to have something good from that time in my life come back to me.

Not everyone comes back. There are a lot of uncertains in life. My brother walked out a door one day to go off to boot camp and there was no certainty that he would come back. It took 10 years before he was back for good. I walked out of room one day thinking I had more time not knowing that was the last conversation I would ever have with my papa.

People move. Relationships end. Lives end. You make promises about one day.. One day.. But the truth is you don’t know and you can’t control it.

To have someone so important and so good come back after so long.. It just hit me how rare and special that is.

Sitting across a table talking about big girl life with my best friend from childhood is a dream come true for my inner 8 year old . We were together then talking about our dreams and we are together now talking about our dreams.

The holes people leave in our lives may get smaller over time but it wasn’t until she cam back that I realized they never really go away. She cam back and suddenly I felt a bit more complete, that hole was once again filled.


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