Loquat Season



I don’t like to play favorites with our trees but during loquat season I am certainly grateful to have multiple fruit bearing trees on our property. Yesterday it was cool and overcast so we all did work out front together. Hubs and dad washed cars while mom cleaned the inside windows, I trimmed back trees and bushes, and then later hubs and dad uprooted and removed an old decaying treeing stump. Lucy looked on from her post at the palm tree.

At one point  I took a break, plucked a few loquats, and went and sat with Lucy. I was commenting to hubs how the tree at the front of the house didn’t seem to produce as well this year and that is when he clued me in to the tree out back. I went to the back yard to check it out and found that it was heavy with fruit. I spent the next 30 minutes harvesting and was left with a full bowl of ripe loquats. So later in the afternoon when all the outside work was done Mom and I sat at the kitchen table peeling and pitting loquats.

In the evening we all watched a documentary together and had loquat banana smoothies.

It is a lot of work for a little bit of fruit but the result was delicious.

I am so grateful the family who lived here before us planted these trees. There are times I look at some odd aspect of our home and think, Why is this here? What were they thinking?. Not the loquat trees though. They were an obvious great choice.


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