Festivals and Vegetables


Friday my in-laws arrived and as expected Dad and I immediately fell into conversation. The suitcases weren’t even unpacked and there we were at the kitchen table deep in discussion.

Dad had a minor health issue at the beginning of the year which came as a shock to all of us, Dad included, because he is one of the healthiest men I know. Dad plays basketball with men half his age at the Y nearly everyday, he lifts weights, he runs the treadmill, and he eats better than most Americans. What we learned from this incident of his is that you cannot escape your genes. He is predisposed to heart issues and eventually that predisposition caught up with him. It was a warning call to hubs and I, we have already formed healthier habits than both of our families in terms of food but we could stand to be more active. Hub’s genes are now on our radar so we are making this a priority.

So when hub’s parents arrived Dad informed us that he is trying out a vegan lifestyle for a while. This was great news for hubs and I because that is how we eat 90% of the time anyway and usually when his parents visit I do not cook because our food is too bland and healthy for most palates. This time Dad was picking my brain to learn my recipes. We also talked about the documentary Forks Over Knives which he just watched, I saw that one some time ago. He was quite impacted by it.

I am glad to see anyone in our family makes healthy adjustments in their life, I am especially happy when it means I can cook and eat the way I normally would.

Saturday was the Indie-Folk Festival near our home. This has become a tradition for hubs and I, we have been going every year since we moved in together. Last year his parents were in town so we went together, this year they came along again. Lucy came for the first time this year as well. Lucy had a blast. We set up our blanket under one of the Live Oaks near the lake and Lucy’s admirers practically formed a line.

First it was the 6-8 year old boy who literally laid on top of her while he loved on her. Then the two little girls. Then there was a stream of men and women. Finally Lucy was asked to be a model for one of the nearby vendors. We were set up near a booth selling floral crowns and hanging plants; the owner came over with a small doggy sized floral wreath/crown made of eucalyptus and lavender and asked if Lucy would model it for her so she could take photos. Lucy gladly obliged and looked lovely doing so.

Hubs and Dad went and got us cold pressed juice and we spent the afternoon drinking kale and beet juice in the shade of an oak tree listening to soul and folk music.

When we were leaving hubs and I took his parents over to the Live Oak where we had many of our engagement photos done. I was sitting on a low branch while they walked around and Lucy hopped up next to me. I swear she is half cat sometimes.

Yesterday we went to some open houses hubs and I were interested in nearby. We are talking more and more about our forever home now that I am close to graduating/earning an income again. Hubs had a long conversation with someone in the business and it is clear now is a good time to buy with rents being so high and interest rates being reasonable.

Today hubs is working with Dad on a DIY home project for me. We have never used our fireplace because it is not cold here long enough to warrant the up keep of hiring a chimney sweep so hubs is instead making me a decorative candle display to have in the fire place. I enjoy having a fireplace because I think it makes a house feel more homey but the reality is in Florida it is really just for show.

So quick update on job prospects.. I was just made aware of another position that is likely going to be coming available soon that is heavy on the clinical side. That would be ideal if it worked out, I would really like to continue to build on the skills I have been practicing. I would also like the opportunity to practice new skills I learn from certification trainings and that would be harder to do if I am not in a clinical position. Last week I finished a certification training, I am excited to keep learning and growing and hope to land a position that allows for this.



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