Sending Out Love and Gratitude: An Ode to My Special Ones

I was reading something tonight that tied into a post that I have been writing in my head for a while now. It was the message I needed to let me know it was time to take this one out of my head and put pen to paper, metaphorically speaking of course.

The original title of this post was going to be something like “Why mine are the best”. When it came to start writing that no longer felt right though. That is not what this is about. We all think our people are the best and I could give lots of reasons on why this is true for me. Really I just want to send my intention of gratitude out into the universe so my special ones can feel it and know they are loved.

Okay, no further ado.

Soul Friends:

AJR: My gratitude begins with your depth . I look into you and see an infinity, you go on and on, you are endless. You are what I am talking about when I talk about an ever expanding universe inside of a person. I am also grateful for your light that shines so bright. In your words (especially written), your honesty, your earnest curiosity about yourself and the world. You have brought a connection to my life that is like a lifeblood. Thank you for your commitment to truth telling in our relationship. Thank you for showing up.

KR: My gratitude begins with your openness. An openness of mind and heart and soul. An openness to explore, and understand, and process, and ask questions, and answer them as well. I look at you and see love. It is in your voice, and your smile, your hugs, your energy, your work, your relationships. A love for yourself, for others, for your values. You bring a feeling of peace when we are together, a sense of calm. Thank you for being you.

TS: My gratitude begins with your understanding. There are things that we do not need to explain to each other that would take hours of explaining to others. There is a cosmic knowing that flows between us. It exists in our femininity, our souls, our make up as human beings, many of our shared views on the world. There is a natural ease that comes with being able to say something that some would judge as bizarre and know that at least one person “gets it”. I am grateful for our kindred connection. Thank you for letting me in and allowing me to not only see you but to be seen. I know how hard that is.

Companions/Soul Sisters

ALJ: My gratitude begins with your vulnerability. I see you. I see you in a way that you may not even see yourself yet and that is okay. I see you in me and me in you. I am grateful for the ways in which you hold me accountable. I am grateful to experience your passion and drive towards bringing goodness back to the world. I am grateful for the validation we are able to give to each other. While I know of course there are unspoken boundaries in our relationship, they are able to exist and you still make me feel a sense of unconditional acceptance. You are something special Indigo Child, I count myself lucky to be one of your people.

KeR: My gratitude begins with your light. You bring so much joy and light to my life. Your postcards speak to my soul. I am so thankful that our paths have crossed on our journeys towards healing. From you and our other soul camp sisters I learned of a strength that is uniquely female. We carry burdens no man could ever bear. You are worthy of all the love and goodness life has to offer and I hope one day both of us are able to accept that as our absolute truth. Until that time I am so thankful to share this space with you.

S: My gratitude begins with your presence. You validated my pain and my life with your honesty. I may never know what the connection is between you and I, but knowing you has changed me. Your time on my path was brief, I hope it is not yet finished. Only time will tell but you healed a piece of my heart and I will never have the words to give back to you what you gave to me.

M: My gratitude has no beginning and no end. It is infinite, it is ever growing. I do not have words. You are my Yoda.


MF: My gratitude begins with that assignment. You gave us an invitation to be seen and with fear in my heart I accepted it because some how I knew it was time. You handled my fear with honesty and gentleness. You held space. You have taught me how to hold space. You are the bar that has been set. When in doubt I ask, What would MF do? This work is sacred, thank you for your message. Thank you for seeing me.

LKS: My gratitude begins with art. You showed me what it means to be free. You showed me what realness looks like. You showed me a different way to be and that different was okay. You showed me the beauty of paint stained fingers and that mistakes are not mistakes. Thank you for taking an interest. Thank you for seeing the me I had not yet become and encouraging her to not be afraid of the world. There is space for artists/empaths/idealists out here in the scary world too.


Lu: My gratitude begins with unconditional love. You are pure joy. You are sweetness and contentment and love. Thank you for always being happy to see me and for cuddles and for kisses when you can sense my sadness. Thank you for reminding us to play and be silly together as a family. Thank you for opening our hearts and for showing/teaching us love without limits.

Hubs: My gratitude begins with “that is not going to be a problem for us” and it never ends. You showed me and continue to show me a different way to love and accept love. You have taken years of pain and tears and transformed them into laughter and safety. You are my alchemist. Thank you for your honesty and stability. Thank you for your friendship, and support, and kindness. Thank you for allowing me to be who I am and for remaining who you are and building a relationship around that. Thank you for our past, present and future. Thank you for choosing me.


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