Big Ideas and Butt Chewing


I had a bit of an epiphany today. I have to say that has been happening with greater frequency of late. I think I can thank the personal work I am currently doing for that, I am learning that it lends itself to epiphanies.

This was a pretty big one. So big in fact that although I am dying to write about it and process it I am going to hold back this time because I do not want to risk my idea being hi-jacked. I know that probably sounds pretty paranoid coming from a blogger with less than 200 followers, many of which are personal friends. But none the less, this idea is important to me and may one day be the foundation for my spiritual/professional future so I will take no chances.

Anyway, there I was in my moment of revelation walking around my home feeling completely inspired and invincible when it happened.. I walked into the guest room to turn off the light and there in the middle of the freshly made bed was a massive wet/brown spot. I froze in a moment of total rage.

Are you fucking kidding me right now!

My inner zen voice immediately comes to my aid; Breathe girlfriend, she is just a dog.

No one asked you bitch!

I then proceeded to stand in the door way to the guest room staring at the comforter I had laundered just a few hours prior having an imaginary conversation in my head with my husband.

Baby the dog chewed her ass on the bed and I am too mad to wash the comforter again, will you do ti PLEEEEEEASE?

In my head he agrees but I talk myself out of it anyway because it needs to washed now while the stain is still fresh and has not fully set. Just then Lucy walks up behind me. To my utter surprise my anger washed away and I told her I was not happy and that I loved her. I think it’s the tail. Our boxer has a tail and uses it frequently. It is adorable and gets her out of trouble All. The. Time.

So here I am, my euphoric bubble over my spectacular idea popped, sitting on the couch, eating vegetable lasagna while my guest room comforter gets washed for the second time today.

I think that is just how life goes you know? It is one long string of events that balances between total euphoria, cleaning up after someone’s ass, and everything in between.

Don’t judge me on not punishing my butt chewing dog. Could you stay mad at this face?


Didn’t think so.


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