Soulful Art: Part II

My in-laws are coming at the end of the week for a visit and I am thrilled. I know I am in for a lecture from my father-in-law because I voted for Jill instead of Hillary. I was honestly surprised he didn’t call me before the election to talk to me about it and try to reason with me. I am even looking forward to the lecture though. He and I always have the best talks, we wear my husband out. haha.

My husband is progressive and forward thinking but he does not have the energy to sit around talking social justice for hours on end like me and Dad do. My husband and I do social justice talks maybe a few times a week for like a half hour at a time, normally following a podcast we listened to or an episode of Trevor Noah/John Oliver. With Dad, we do not need to be prompted and there is no telling how long we could go. Mom snapped at us once because dinner got cold, we get caught up and I love it.

So this weekend we are preparing our home for company. I am rewashing all the linens so they are fresh, putting together a basket of things they will need, and sprucing up the guest room. I had generic art in the guest room for a while that was left over from my apartment and I finally decided it was done. I was never connected to it and I was sick of looking at it. This left me with a minor dilemma though, the walls have nails in them, something has to go there to replace the art I took down.

I looked online for a while to see if I was inspired enough to purchase anything, I wasn’t. I saw one thing I liked but it the size of a table top picture frame and it cost over 40.00 which was ridiculous.

I began to feel discouraged. I mean I could go to Marshall’s or somewhere like that and get another piece of generic art but if I am going to do that I might as well leave the original generic art up and save the money.

I started to think well maybe I could paint something.. I knew I didn’t have a large enough canvas to cover the space though and the truth is I have never worked with a real large canvas because I am intimidated by them. Too much blank space o fill feels overwhelming to me. I plan to give it a go one day but this is not the time to be overcoming mental/art blocks. I only have a few days to figure something out otherwise my in-laws will be staring at a blank wall with a big black screw sticking out of it.

Then it hit me! I may not have a canvas large enough to cover the space but I do have three smaller canvases.. I could do a three piece work . That would cover the area and I would not feel overwhelmed because I would be doing three coordinating small pieces instead of one big one.

Next was determining the subject matter. I was stuck without a real clear inspiration at first but then it hit me again! Instead of spending 40 dollars on a piece of art that I like but that was too small to be functional, I would use that piece as inspiration and create my own version.

So here we are. Once again, the photo quality is lacking but  chose not to make adjustments. Apparently I don’t really want to be seen tonight.

The first set are the before when I was getting started and the second are obviously the final product. The lighting does not do the fine details justice but you get the idea.

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