Exploring My Options

Last week my former intern supervisor reached out to me about a job opening she had caught wind of. I told her it sounded interesting and before I knew it she had talked me up to the hiring manager/lead social worker. I am sending them my resume in the morning and will be returning their phone call after.

I am grateful she is thinking of me when she hears of openings. I would not mind going back to the population I was working with previously, I love this population, I got a minor in undergrad relevant to working with this specific population. I am curious to hear about the job itself though. My concern is that it is primarily case work versus being a clinical position. I don’t mind case work but in order to get my hours towards licensure I have to be doing some clinical work. Not to mention I want to continue to grow my clinical skills.

I also still have this other clinical option where I am currently interning.

Although I do not have anything nailed down in the way of employment post grad school it is reassuring that I have a few agencies looking at me. If I do end up wind up having to apply other places as well because one of these options does not work I at least have this little confidence boost as I start my search.

We’ll see what the next few months bring my way.



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