The Perfect Schedule


I have the next four days off. Pure bliss, that is what this feels like. I am sitting in the sun room, back doors open to let the breeze flow through the house, bird chirping, sitting on a pile of pillows, soaking up a sun beam, with raspberry smoothie in hand. Pure fucking bliss.

My schedule this semester is my favorite so far. I will always have a three day weekend and every other week I will have a four day weekend.

I plan to spend the morning writing, then complete an assignment, fax a document, pick up around the house, and then who knows.. paint, yoga, take Lu for a walk in this beautiful weather..

Tomorrow we have our plans. Sunday I am going to church service (shock I know – more about that after it happens). Then Monday is another completely free day of whatever I want (I am sure I will do some school work though).

I am overflowing with gratitude. This is the best way to wrap up my time in school, with one last great schedule before I get back into the professional world of 9-5, 5 days a week.

I am feeling like I need to count some gratitude..

I am grateful that I decided to take all of my classes online this semester to allow for this extra time.
I am grateful I had the foresight to take one of my electives last summer so I will have a lighter work load this semester.
I am grateful for the amazing weather we are having and that I am home to relish it.
I am grateful for this time in my life.
I am grateful for the last 4 years and all the experiences that have come from being in school full-time.
I am grateful for what comes next, I am ready to walk into my future and embrace fully.


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