Pen Pals in a Digital Age


I mentioned last year that one of my soul friends moved a few hours away. She is having her adventure and I am thrilled for her AND I miss her all the time. I don’t think either of us are big phone people so catching up has been something we have been navigating. I think we figured it out though. For a moment we apparently both forgot that we are both WRITERS! Luckily for both of us she remembered. And so it began, my soul friend turned pen pal in a digital age.

I got my first “letter” (email) yesterday. It was full of the fun details I miss so much as well as poetry, because my pen pal is the best pen pal – that is not an opinion, it is an objective fact.

I am excited to ask questions about what I read, give her my updates, and wait with giddy anticipation for my next letter.

This is my second pen pal presently. I am really on to something here I think. One of my friends from soul camp corresponds with me by mail. The girl sends me bad ass art in the form of postcards, she barely knows me yet she knows me so well. I reciprocate with equally bad ass art in the form of postcards. Have I ever mentioned I have a pretty extensive stationary collection? I do and I love an opportunity to use it.

I think as a society we need to bring letter writing back. It is a lost but totally awesome art. If you have ever received mail that was for fun and not a bill you know what I am talking about.

With that I think I will go get to it, I’ve got pen pals waiting on responses and I would hate to keep them waiting.


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