The Ultimate Girls Night

I have had some pretty over the top nights out with girl friends over the years. The stories, oh the stories. Never have I been so excited for a girls night as I am now though. In March one of my music heroes whom I have been listening to since I was a small child will be playing a concert downtown and I am going with my mom and aunt. Stevie Nicks!

I have seen a lot of concerts, too many to count and I mean that literally. Some are really special though. Radiohead to this day is the best band I have ever seen live and I will see them every time they tour here. At the Drive In was the best thing to ever happen to Lollapalooza not to mention that they had been broken up for years when I finally had the opportunity to see them so I certainly never thought I would have the chance. They broke up again shortly after that tour. I have a concert bucket list and I have checked many of the artists I want to see off already. For the most part all that remain are the really big artists, Paul Simon, Stevie Nicks etc. She is pretty much at the very top of my bucket list though. This woman is not only an icon she is a goddess.

To get to share this with my mom and aunt is so awesome too. This is will be my first concert with both of them.

I am five days into this year and I have so much to look forward to and be thankful for.

I am checking three major items off my bucket list:

  1. My sweet husband is taking me to see Wicked next weekend (been dying to see this show since it opened not long after I graduated high school).
  2. Stevie Nicks concert
  3. Vacation of my lifetime (still tentative but strong possibility)


I know I am very focused on what is right in front of me right now in terms of my personal work but I have not lost sight of the forest for the trees. This is going to be a big year and I am open to all it holds. And as always, I am deeply grateful.


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