The Hermit and A Small World


This is going to end up being two posts mashed together. Sorry but I am not in the mood to set up two separate posts and they are loosely connected so.. Yeah, that’s what I am doing.

Since break has begun I have pretty much become a recluse. The first week I had a busy social calendar but after that first week I pretty much went under a rock, socially speaking. Any plans I make I usually cancel, for the most part I have not been making plans at all though. Hubs and I do stuff together but to me that is not the same. Aside from my time spent with him I have been hiding out from the world.

I will resurface when I am ready. I understand now that it is okay that I am taking this time for me.

This week I did get myself out a few times in ways that felt comfortable. I did therapy, ran errands with Mom and Moo, and went to an hour long class on essential oils at my therapist’s office (when she is not seeing clients her space is used for other holistic purposes as well).

The small world part of this post comes in here.. I have literally only left my house three times this week and only for a few hours total but each time I ran into someone I know and twice it was ghosts. This is the worst possible time for me to have to deal with awkward ghost encounters. Luckily in both of the cases I was able to avoid the awkward encounter by making a hard  left turn in the other direction.

I am sure the reason this happened is because each time I saw someone I was in my hometown or the neighboring town/city. The first almost encounter took place with my Mom and Moo while we were running errands. I have mentioned before that I hate going to the grocery in my hometown because it is almost inevitable that I will run into someone.. Well that is where the first ghost sighting took place. I was walking along and there she was, one of my former “best friends”. I use quotations because I don’t think that relationship was ever as deep as I maybe thought it was at the time. She is someone I have no interest in ever running into again. I wish her well in her life and all, but have no need to ever see her again. I made a hard left turn before she saw me and scooted on out of there. Crisis averted.

The next ghost came just a half hour later. We were at another store in my home town. I parked the car and we all got out and at the same time a woman was exiting her car. She turned around and made eye contact with me and I had a brief Oh Shit moment before she simply smiled and headed towards the store. This ghost is not one to be as concerned about, we were part of the same circle of friends many years ago (she is part of the same group the other ghost was part of) but we were both on a periphery and rarely did our sub-circles ever overlap. It is very possible she did not even recognize me which was great. Crisis averted again!

The last coincidental run in came yesterday evening while I was at this class on oils. Apparently my therapist’s evening appointment ran over because her client was leaving as the woman teaching the class was setting up and everyone attending the class was arriving. I was sitting on the couch in the main area with another woman while her client was leaving and realized I knew her client. It took me a moment to put together where I knew her from, for a second I thought it was someone I had done group therapy with in which case it would make sense that I recognize her because obviously we are both clients of the same therapist. Then it hit me, we are in the program together. I am not sure if she saw me or not, either way I let my therapist know at the end of the class because it is probably a weird HIPPA thing. I don’t even know honestly. I mean there is always a chance of running into someone in the waiting room of a therapy office or a doctor’s office and what can HIPPA do about that?

I am not too worried about it though, 1. because I am out about my being in therapy, and 2. because the chances are high that we would have run into  each other eventually if she starts attending groups. She is not someone I mind sharing these experiences with. What struck me as funny (in a cosmic kind of way, not “haha” funny) is that I met her last summer when we both started the program and we did a really intimate project in one of our classes one day. She and I got to know each other a bit in that class and my being in therapy definitely came up and at that point she mentioned how she recognized that it was probably time for her to start doing her own personal work in therapy as well. We had a great conversation over it. I never considered she or anyone else I know from other parts of my life would end up with the same therapist I use. Small world.

I am sure at some point our therapy paths will overlap because my therapist does so many groups. We will have the opportunity to clear the air at that time. She was someone I felt drawn to so maybe it was meant for us to end up in this same space doing our work.



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