The Fate of The Brain Work Blog


I have been thinking about the fate of this blog for sometime now. When I originally started this blog is was to record my experiences as a returning college student. The plan was to document this moment in time and be done. It seemed so simple back then.

The truth is I have experienced a lot of monumental growth of the course of the last 4 years and this blog is an important part of that. I thought school was the adventure, then I realized life was the adventure, school was just one small part of the journey. This blog has documented my student experiences, my wedding planning experiences, my honeymoon, my therapy, the beginning and end of friendships, as well as my over all growth emotionally and as a human. This blog has bore witness to my victories and failures, my joy and suffering.

How now do I decide its fate?

Do I discontinue writing in this place that has felt like an emotional safe haven for me over the last four years?
Do I start anew with a different blog, leaving behind the growth I experienced here for new growth?
Do I continue in this space and if so for how long?
Have I outgrown this space? Is it time for something new with a new intention set behind it?

I just don’t know. I have been thinking about this since May when I graduated. I knew I was beginning the last year as a student and that meant something in terms of my original intention for this blog. Endings do not come easy though, especially when the time meant so much.

I considered making the blog into a hard copy book which I know I will do if I do choose to start new in a new space. I will not just walk away from the documentation of the last four years of my life.

I have considered seeing this blog through maybe until the end of the year and then starting fresh in 2018. I may still decide to start fresh this summer after graduation.. It is ultimately up to me and I know I will make the decision based on what feels right.

As it is the beginning of the year I felt the need to check in about this though especially knowing that there is a strong possibility that this may end up being The Brain Work’s last year.

Whatever decision is made I will share my new information before I am done writing here. I will know what to do when the time comes, I feel confident in that.


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