Hooked on Books

The title may be cheesy but I like that it rhymes!

Last night I colored on the couch while hubs sat next to me listening to a podcast. No TV, no noise (for me at least), Sade was playing in the background, candles were lit.. It was the perfect introvert evening.

At bed time it began to rain. It was no normal rain though, it was forceful and urgent and unrelenting. While I was turning off the lights and locking up it hit me, Shit! My book is still in the car. My book had been sitting in the back seat next to Maddie while she, myself, and my mother were out running errands together yesterday. I completely forgot to bring it in. Now I was faced with a decision, do I run out in my night gown in the rain to retrieve it or do I go to bed without reading my book?.. One guess what choice was made.

So there I was hopping over fallen tree branches in the drive way, digging around in the back seat the car, soaking wet.. all over a book.

It was worth it. Last night’s chapter was action packed. By the way, I am no longer reading Being Mortal. I read the first few chapters and loved it but realized the over arching message of this book is not one that speaks to me right now. I put it down with the intention of coming back to it when the time feels right. Now I have moved on to a novel that was gifted to me by my brother-in-law at Christmas. It is a young adult work of fiction and as per usual it is essentially an adult fairy tale.

So when I came back in with my book tucked into my night gown, my feeble attempt to keep it dry in the pounding rain, dripping all over our entry rug I said to myself, you know you’re an avid reader when you will go through all that just to be able to read one chapter at bed time. Thus sprouted the inspiration for this post.. Here are some of my truths about being an avid reader, I know some of my friends who read this blog are avid readers as well, I would love to hear what some of your truths are.

You know you are an avid reader when..

-You start to get concerned if your stock pile of “books to read” falls below three unread books.
– You have no family photos on the shelves because you need the room for the books.
– You always have at least one book on your person at all times.
– There is always at least one book in your bedroom, usually on the night stand.
– You prefer books to flowers as a romantic gesture.
– Many of your conversations with friends or family involve books at some point or another.
– One of the highlights of your day is laying in bed with your husband at bedtime reading.
– You cannot go into a book store and spend less than an hour wandering or you cannot leave with just one item.
– You are currently reading more than one book.
– You read more than you watch TV/Movies.
– You have cried over the character’s in your books.
– Some social outings revolve around books (going to a cafe to read, let’s go on a picnic and read!, going to the bookstore)
– You have ever uttered the words The book was better. (Of course it was, it always is!)




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