You and Me Against the World


I am so grateful for my husband. This is true everyday but some days that gratitude feels amplified.. Today, this week, has been one of those times.

We have been talking about our future recently, long term and short term, and all  I can say is again just how grateful I am to be walking through this life with him by my side.

We are making plans for a vacation in the spring/summer to celebrate my graduating with my Master’s degree. There is a trip that has been on my bucket list my entire life, it is the trip of my lifetime, the one I have always dreamed of, and we are planning it. It will by a light at the end of the tunnel for me as I finish my last semester in grad school.

His parents are coming to visit in a month or two, so looking forward to that!

Hubs and I have had the last week off together and still have another week together before he returns to work. It has been mostly bliss. There has also been a bit of drama brewing in my family which have made sure to distance ourselves from. We love our families but we are quite clear on the separation between our life together and their lives. We can love our families and not get pulled in to situations that have nothing to do with our life.

The situation that has come up in my family has given hubs and I opportunity to process together and discuss our life together and what we want it to look like going forward. I have always been the black sheep of my family, I do not see that changing, I am just thankful that I am walking through life with a partner who has the same perspective on family and what we want our own budding family to look like.

I have mentioned that I feel this next year will be transformative for me, I think part of that might be he and I redefining what the word family means to us. The very thought of it makes me feel calm.

I am so excited about this next year. I feel more sure about the greatness it will hold than I ever have in my entire life. I feel myself on the cusp of greatness. I feel my relationship with this amazing human being I love on the cusp of greatness. I feel something powerful is coming. I am open, I am ready, and I am grateful.

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