Christmas Gratitude



This year I felt like a five year old on Christmas again. My family was so good to my husband and I in terms of gift giving. I felt so understood, the gifts were so thoughtful and brought me such joy. My family bought me canvases, mala beads, scarves (I wear scarves daily), coloring books, books, wind chimes, lotions.. and on..

I have been collecting coloring books since 2007, long before adult coloring books were all the rage. I started on Charlie Brown, now I have a little bit of everything. I have to say I still like coloring books for children more than the adult coloring books in general. Hubs managed to sway me this year with the coloring books he found for me. He got me 4, one is national state parks, one is of birds, one is of forest animals, and one is of plants and flowers. These are not ordinary coloring books though, they are realistic and have descriptions and explanations under each photo. Imagine if National Geographic created a coloring book series, that is what he got me. They are both beautiful and educational. I have truly enjoyed coloring in them.

My brother-in-law bought me four new books I cannot wait to start reading. I am currently reading two books, I feel the need to finish one before I start another. I am almost done with Viktor Frankl so when I am I will start something new.

I also just very grateful for this time off with hubs, I cannot express that enough. Two weeks of time just for us. We are getting projects done around the home, going on dates, having much needed introvert time (together but separate), it is so relaxing and nice.

I am currently working on an a wearable art project and am feeling really inspired by the creative process. This is a new venture for me, I am taking my creativity off the canvas, it is a lot of fun.

The year is ending on such a good note. Like many I think 2016 was a bit of a beast but there are always bright spots and we are existing in one of them currently, for that I am grateful.


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