Friends, Podcasts, and Lots of Tea


It has been another great day. I started with cold pressed juice and washing some dishes. Then I lit my candles and put on my favorite oil and prepared my home to receive a guest. My friend came over and we had tea, lots of tea, we love tea. We exchanged gifts, she was very excited about the salt light and the book, she had been eyeing my copy of the book for a while. She got me a mug that says “you’re the best” in pretty script (I am thinking of planting a plant in it), and one of my favorite lavender teas, and a rose quartz stone (also a favorite – you can never have too much rose quartz in your home and your life).

We talked for hours about human topics and higher topics. It was a lovely visit. I am so glad I have been able to spend sometime with friends over this break and reconnect.

After she left I made myself a grilled apple and munster cheese sandwich with tomato soup and watched Harry Potter for a little while.

I am thinking I will finish my afternoon listening to Podcasts and painting.

That is something that my friend and I talked about at length last night, all the different podcasts we listen to and what makes each one great. My favorite for a while now has been This American Life because it elicits such an emotional reaction in me, whether sadness or joy, their episodes capture the entire spectrum of human emotion.

The conversation of podcasts has come up with each girlfriend I have spent time with recently. Last night my friend and I even listened to an episode of Memory Palace together (Mary Walker Would Wear What She Wanted). I loved the rhythm and cadence of the story, I also loved the content. I identified with Mary Walker immediately; she refused to be uncomfortable just because society stipulated that “this is what women have to wear”. She said fuck corsets with the same energy that I say fuck bras. She could be corsetless in a pair of pants and still be a woman, I get it.

When talking about podcasts I always have to bring up my favorite Episode of This American Life, Who Do We Think We Are . That one is not for the faint of heart. One of the segments (the one that makes it my favorite episode) is about female genital mutilation. I sobbed when I listened to that episode and that is part of why I love it so much, because this person who I will never meet had such an impact on me with their story.

That is why I love podcasts, they stimulate a sense of  connection. I love that my friend shared so many new ones with me last night. That is all hubs and I listen to when we are in the car together, it makes for great conversation after and it is way better than listening to the same old songs all the time. I am excited to share some of these new ones with him as we are driving around over the next few weeks while we have time off together.

There are two different podcasts I am debating between for today while I paint. Excited to start new things and let free some more creative energy.


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