Tidings of Comfort and Joy

comfort-and-joyI love that line from a familiar Christmas carol. What a beautiful sentiment.

Today I went to a holiday party at my internship. I am grateful that myself and the two other interns were invited, it was a celebration like none I have ever experienced in a professional setting. There was dancing, and singing (impromptu in both cases, it is not like there was a dance floor or music set up), and my favorite part.. expressions of gratitude.

We had a White Elephant gift exchange and it was where a lot of the theatrics really came out. People were dancing on their way up to choose their gift, people were chasing other people when gifts were attempting to be stolen. Our staff is tight knit and you felt the energy of that closeness today, I am glad I got to be part of the energy and witness the greatness of this team.

My contribution to the gift giving was a gray (the color choice was quite intentional) leather bound planner and a glass water bottle with fruit infuser core. The intention behind my gift was to give the gift of health and balance. My intern supervisor stole it from someone else and ended up with it, that felt right.

After the Christmas party I went to the art supply store. My parents and my in-laws both gave me gift cards to the art supply store for my birthday, I was eager to spend a little. I wandered around the aisle of acrylics to see if there was a color I wanted that I did not already have or maybe a fun brush that I would never typically spend the money on. Then I moved on to frames and then felt. I wandered like this for 30 minutes, waiting for the right thing to hit me. Then it did. I stepped out of the canvas aisle and there it was. A sign that said 60% off all easels. Holy Shit! I started running the calculations in my head and realized I had my choice of easel. Even the regularly priced 200.00 easel was in my budget with the gift card money I was gifted. Holy Shit!! I chose to play it conservative and not blow all my gift money on one thing (but I cannot express to you how tempting it was to get the easel I have always dreamed of). I got a table top easel that was on sale for 25.00, it was a steal.

Up to this point I have been swiping some of hubs text books from his bookshelf and propping them behind my canvas when I paint. This was an exciting purchase, way better than any over priced fancy paint brush!

I know I will have plenty of opportunity to paint while on break. My first opportunity actually presented itself last week. My supervisor at internship asked if I would paint a sign for “the counselor’s corner” at the office. I happily agreed. The counselor’s corner is a new idea that our supervisor came up with a few weeks ago. It is a bulletin board in the main room where our clients spend most of their time. On it will be fun (appropriate) facts about the counselors as a way to build further rapport with the clients, inspirational quotes, therapeutic this and that (breathing exercises or self-care tips). My supervisor wanted something whimsical (my personal specialty). This is what I came up with:


I am not going to lie to you, this is a recycled design that I have created multiple times before. As this was a quicky project though I needed to pull from my reserves and go with something I knew how to do fast and well. My supervisor loves it. She found a way to laminate it and added yellow and purple pom poms to the corners to accent the lightening bugs and purple flowers. I love that I was able to create something that will be used even after I leave. I am grateful she gave me this opportunity.

Today was a day filled with joy and comfort (specifically comfort food). It was a wonderful first day of winter break. I hope to have many more like it and wish joy and comfort to all of you who are reading this. Thanks for walking this journey with me. I hope this holiday season brings you love, connection, comfort, and joy.


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