Making Magic

For the past few weeks I found myself feeling a bit uninspired. I am so thankful for all my supports when I fall into little slumps like this. One day I came home to this postcard in the mail from one of my friends that was at the meditation/drum circle with me a few weeks ago.


One: getting personal mail that is not a bill is so fun.
Two: How bad ass is this postcard?! and how bad ass is my girlfriend for thinking of me with it?!

Then for an early birthday present my parents gave me a dozen canvases. I was thrilled. I came home and started with this:



It does not have a name yet, I am just calling it Alaska because that was the inspiration.

Mid-week last week when I was still sick I spent an entire miserable, feverish day on the couch. I ended up renting BFG because Roald Dahl is one of my heroes (right up there with Shel Silverstein and Jim Henson). It was so good I watched it twice that day. It was so whimsical and full of fantastic magic.

Slowly I felt myself coming back in good place. My joyful, inspired, light place.

Today I finally had a chance to process some of the anxiety I had been dealing with over the last few weeks with my therapist. My internship supervisor brought me some of my work with the rant she went on during supervision a few weeks ago and I am grateful for that. She said it was not about me but I was still triggered by it none the less and have work to be doing in this place, I don’t want to ignore the dark pieces of myself that reacted to what she said and the energy behind her message. I still have work around the word entitlement in particular. I am curious to see what I will learn about myself as I navigate this shadow piece further.

So after therapy I came home and finished working on my joyous bell stick, aka the infinite love shaker, aka Marge. She is ribboned and belled and absolutely beautiful.


This is where I am at. Inspiration restored, magic flowing through my veins again, ready for some time off to let my inner artist run free (and not a moment too soon).

I have a few more posts to write based on the personal work I am currently doing to help me process it a bit more but I will save it. Not really in the mood right this moment. This week I turn 33 and I am not in the mood for dark writing. I just going to leave you with art and Marge and awesome pots cards and call it a day.

Happy birthday to me. Can’t wait to celebrate with hubs.


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