You Look Beautiful in That Light


Today we woke up to beautiful weather. There was a chill in the air, I felt it the moment I slid the back door open for Lucy to go out. Sun beams were peaking through Nana’s branches and dancing on the leaves scattered across our backyard, there was a crispness in the air, in the distance I heard dogs barking and children playing. The world was awake and reveling in this glorious day.

I got my decaf and stepped out onto the front porch to retrieve yesterday’s mail. I paused for a moment to feel cool breeze and take in the day. Our street was busy with activity; neighbors biking by, dogs on leashes, cars being washed, lawns being mowed, youth playing basketball at the park. Everyone wanted to be outside and part of it, I was no exception.

I finished my decaf and got dressed to meet a girlfriend at a local cafe. We found the perfect spot to tuck away and chatted over tea and quiche. She was the one who named my joyous bell stick Marge so I caught her up on the progress Ive made, showing her pictures of Marge’s ribbons. We worked on some assignments and chatted some more and then called it a day.

When I got home hubs and I spent time with Lu in the backyard. I was collecting branches that Nana had dropped that could be used for the Gratitude Tree we will make at internship this week. Nana provided me with four different size options which is perfect because I do  not know how many clients will be with us this week and we may want options. As I hunted for the perfect branch Lu assisted, occasionally picking one up for her own puppy purposes and walking off to chew on it in a sun beam. By the time I was done Lucy have developed quite a little pile of branches and sticks herself. After I chose my branches I brought them to hubs who was sitting on a bench near Nana and together we would plucked off the existing leaves so we were left with bare branches to hang paper leaves on. As we plucked I said a silent thank you to Nana for providing for us.

Later in the day we made dinner together and then watched Harry potter while I painted at the hearth. Before starting the next Harry Potter movie we paused so I could lay in a hot bath. Hubs talked to me while I soaked; and as he talked I drifted for a moment. I thought about the day and my best parts, collecting branches, tea with a friend as we worked on a term paper, painting.. Then I came back because I realized I was missing one of my best parts, sitting in the tub talking with hubs.

Now I am working on my contribution to a group project that is due next week and sipping tea with biscotti.

Sundays are the best days. I love that I was able to reclaim a day that used to bring me such pain. Sunday is now one of my favorite days of the week quite possibly my favorite. I love the lazy ease of Sundays. The way the day moves so slow and feels so comfortable. I love that our first day of truly beautiful weather this season came on a Sunday, it is as it should be.

I am so close to being done with the semester. Just a few more weeks, just a few more assignments, just a few more classes. Today I am grateful for today though. It was a day well spent doing things I love in the company of people I love and for me that is about as good as it gets.


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