This lyric is playing in my head as I sit and think about something hubs and I were talking about earlier this evening. It is from the song What Sarah Said by Deathcab for Cutie. It is one of my hubs and I’s favorite song by that band.

I was thinking about it because we saw something on TV which prompted a conversation about our future children and the future of our future children. As I am laying here mulling it all over again in my head  I started thinking about hope. I am thinking about how much hope he and I have to dream about things we want for a future. Hope is what allows us to imagine a future. Hope is what allows us to look past this moment and trust that we get to experience the next.

And that is when it came to me, this lyric and what Ben Gibbard meant by it. I have always known what he meant by it but I am understand it on a deeper level. My husband and I have plans for our future, we believe that we will get to have a future, we believe we have children who will have a future. We are able to look so far into our future and imagine all the possibilities.. That takes courage and it takes hope.

It made me feel better in such tense times to recognize we have not lost our hope, it is sitting right here next to us just as it always has been.


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