Letting It All Out: Part II


Saturday night once my paper was finally complete it was time for girls night with my social work friends. One of my girlfriends came to my home to ride with me to the restaurant downtown. I was still getting ready so they gave us an awesome opportunity to catch up while I did my make up and picked out earrings.

We chatted about school, and internship, and the election, and life. It felt like another nice deep breath, much like my time with hubs and Lu earlier in the day had felt.

At dinner my girlfriends and I caught each other up on life, and internships, and fulfilled each other’s general need for self-care through meaningful connection. Much as I expected sparks flew.

After dinner one of my girlfriends and I decided to go downtown for some dancing. The best of that decision is we caught the tail end of Pride. We watched the fireworks from the Pride festivities that had been going on all day and then danced among those who had spent the day celebrating. It was everything.

There were rainbows everywhere, everyone was dancing, it was the most joyful scene and my heart was so full. At the end of the night after dancing at multiple bars my girlfriend and I were sitting at one of my favorite bars watching everyone else dance and celebrate. My friend and I started commenting on how much hope it restores in us to see our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters be so free. A dark cloud is hanging over our nation yet we are still able to wave our rainbows and dance our dances and sing our songs and raise our collective light.

We will not stop dancing, we will not stop singing, we will not dim our light to meet others in their darkness. Love does conquer hate. Love conquers all.

Tonight as I drove home from drum circle I crossed a bridge on the interstate that leads me into the city. It was lit up with rainbow colors and from the bridge I could see multiple buildings downtown lit up with rainbows as well. I wish we could have the rainbows all year long as a reminder of love because in a rainbow there is room for every color just like in this world there is room for every person. Colors belong to everyone and this world belongs to everyone.

I am grateful for this amazing reminder of what love looks and feels like on a broader level.



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