Today I was given a gift by the county in the form of time. I had jury duty today and was dismissed early after never being called. This left me with a free afternoon which was much needed and appreciated!

The day was not a bed of roses by any stretch though. Here is how it started..

I woke up early, packed a bag of activities (text books, my latest novel, two coloring books, a journal, colored pencils, markers, pens..), packed a lunch (PB&J with apple slices and a granola bar) and kissed hubs on my way out the door. I was running early but I was nervous so I prefered to run early. Nervous about what, I honestly don’t know.. Finding parking and figuring out where I needed to go I guess.

So I am on the road leaving the neighborhood and I notice the car is making a very faint squealing noise.. Then I come to a stop sign and when I set on the brakes the car begins to jump and shake. What fresh hell is this?!

I immediately made a right turn and circled the block back to our house. Hubs came out to investigate and I was sitting in the driveway in a jumping, shaking, squealing car. He popped the hood and announced it was probably a slipped belt.

Well that was that. I was not going to be driving to the court house. Plan B – I hitch a ride with hubs. On our way out of the neighborhood I called my soul friend to see if she would be around later to possibly drop me home if not I would call a cab. Cabbing it is no big deal, from our house it is only a 10.00 ride.

Traffic was absolute mayhem on the way to the court house and took three times longer than usual but it was okay because I had been running early so there was time built in and we were together. We chatted until hubs dropped me off then I was on my own to figure things out – that part was seamless and a complete nonevent.

Sitting around today was not the worst thing that could have happened. It was a forced life pause because everything stops when you get a jury summons. It was an opportunity to catch up on some reading, let my mind wander and be creative through coloring and drawing, and just think in general. It was really nice.

Over the lunch break I found a few really lovely quiet areas where I could enjoy the cool breeze in the shade of some truly gorgeous trees.

Upon returning to the jury holding area I plopped on a couch near a window and read an old readers digest I found until we were dismissed. It was not a bad day at all.

I did end up calling a cab but that was also a non event everything went as expected.

When I got home in the afternoon Lu and I went to the park, I cleaned the kitchen, caught up on laundry, picked up the main living area, and am getting ready to work on a paper for a while. Typically I would be on break between classes right now and getting ready to go into a class that keeps me on campus until 10pm. Between jury duty and the car breaking down I will not be doing school today so the rest of the night belongs to me and my little family.

Yesterday I wrote about how jury duty was coming at the worst possible time. Today brought with it a new perspective; jury duty could not have come at a better time. Instead of seeing it as a hassle I am so grateful for the pause it provided for me at a time when a deep breath and hitting the reset button really made all the difference.



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