Night Coffee


I have officially reached the point in the semester when it feels like every single minute of my life is planned out until winter break, my fingers get numb from typing paper after paper after paper, my social life curls up in a hole and dies, and I start drinking coffee at night to pull everything off that needs to be done. This is the point of no return and I am staring it in the face wondering how in the hell to squeeze more than 24 hours out of a day.

The real kick in the pants is that in the middle of all of this chaos I recieved a jury summons. So now I have to press pause and go sit at a court house for who knows how long until I am more than likely dismissed. Honestly, the timing could not be worse unless it happened during finals week or graduation. I have two papers, one group paper, and two group projects that include role plays due in the next week and a half. I am feeling the pressure for sure.

I will get through it though just as I always do. In a few weeks this semester will be wrapped up and I will be just a few short months away from adding MSW to my credentials.

So tonight I am tucked away in a nest I created in the office, dunking my granola bar in my coffee and getting ready to embark on my first paper. Here is hoping I find all the research I need without issue and that my thoughts flow freely and cohesively as I write.

Okay let’s do this!

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