Christmas in the Mountains


So after my ordeal driving home today it took me a little while to calm down. As you can probably imagine my nervous system was full of adrenaline and I was shaken. After processing everything with my husband he change the subject to give me something else to focus on. Something happier.

Hubs had the day off today so while I was at internship he was planning our winter vacation. He is looking at the North Carolina mountains and I am swooning.

We are thinking about getting a cabin and going for a week. We will be close to a popular city and also near the smokey mountain national park. We plan to take Lucy which will be so fun because it will be her first experience with snow (hopefully – assuming it snows).

This was exactly the distraction I needed. I am already day dreaming of hot apple cider and bonfires, of hot tubs and cuddling on couches, of snowmen and snow capped mountains.

I have never taken a mountain vacation in the winter and neither has hubs. This will be a fun new adventure and I am grateful beyond measure for this opportunity to create new memories with my beloved little family.


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