Making Plans


 As this semester is wrapping up I find myself getting really excited about what comes next. I am roughly one semester away from graduation. THIS. IS. HAPPENING!

It seems like I have some job prospects on the horizon, I still do not want to count on that until it is offered to me though.

I spoke with a professor about certifications that are out there and how to get started, this is research I am actively working on as I am considering starting something as early as the beginning of next year.

I am meeting with my previous intern supervisor and my mentor in the next week or so to discuss next steps and just catch up.

I am also meeting a professor for coffee to have a similar discussion.

Soon it will be winter break, that will bring with it a break from everything and travel which I am extremely grateful for.

Then I will be in the last semester of grad school. There is a lot I will need to do towards the end of grad school as far as prep courses for our licensing exam, getting registered as an intern, possibly job search if I don’t get an offer, not to mention the taking the actual exam once I have graduated and become registered, and the list goes on..

It is times like this where I can see and feel my growth because there is a lot going on right now in my life, I am about to be in a major transition and instead of meeting any of this with fear and anxiety (which was previously my pattern), I am all in and ready!

I am definitely being mindful and taking everything day by day in order to get the most out of my experience. It is nice to be able to look forward with zeal instead of fear of the unknown though.



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