All is Well



I want to get this in real quick before the Cubbies game starts. Tonight might be the night they win the world series and I don’t want to miss a minute of it!

My mother-in-law bought me a charm bracelet a few years ago that I love because it just shows how much she gets me. It has a constellation charm (Cassiopeia specifically), and another little charm with the phrase All is Well.  I was thinking about it as I drove home through downtown tonight because that is exactly how I am feeling so far this week. Pieces are feeling into place, my world feels more balanced than last week for sure. It is that sweet feeling of stability and contentment.

I had my site visit this morning with my seminar professor at my internship. It went so well. She talked to me at length about how impressed she is by my commitment to growth, learning, and exploring social work out of my comfort zone. It is always nice to get positive feedback. My intern supervisor shared with my professor that she sees me as very strong clinically and has been giving me some of the more challenging clients because she “trusts me and knows I can handle it”. It was a great way to start the week at internship.

I got a new client today and I can tell it is going to be good. The rapport came so naturally and this client is very insightful.

In other news, one of my girlfriends from BSW is moving out of the area in a few weeks so a bunch of my girlfriends from the program are getting together for a girls night in a few weeks. I know I am totally going to be the old bitch at the bar when we go downtown (most of my girlfriends that will be going are at least a decade younger than me) but it is going to be fun and I am looking forward to it.

In related news my soul friend has accepted a job in Jacksonville so what has been a five minute distance from one another is turning into a multiple hour drive. I am thrilled for her though. This is such a great growth opportunity for her, I told her she was a little tree that was about to be transferred into a big pot and she would surely grow to fill up that pot without difficulty. It is sounding like Todd and I will be going to visit her over winter break and explore Jax with her so that is another trip I am looking forward to.

Lots of growth and transitions going on around me and within me right now and I am so glad to see it and experience it first hand. This is a really special time in my life, I am making sure to live in each moment and enjoy it all.


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