Weep — Everyday Poet

My face contorts, twisting muscle, pulling skin – tears again A familiar posture – SURVIVAL, then pain, then muscle memory. Maybe bending my brows and pursing my cheeks will alter reality Or perhaps offer salve. They travel- tear to eyes- face to heart and back again. Temporary agony. I know. Brief, I’m certain. But deep. […]

via Weep — Everyday Poet


I was scanning my Reader while on a break from writing a paper this afternoon and found this emotional gem from my dear poetic friend. I felt compelled to share it as it so completely illustrates with words how I have been feeling recently. She is right, these moments of emotional fall out may be brief but they also can feel all consuming. I am always amazed how she is able to capture with words so vividly something  that I personally understand but would never fully have words for. As always I am in awe my friend. Thank you for this, the stinging imagery makes me feel connected to our fragile humanity on a greater level.




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