I Will Follow You

I’m tired and my soul is weary from the unrelenting heaviness of the last few weeks, however I don’t think I would fall into a restful sleep if I ended the night on the last post that I wrote. I feel the need to balance those feelings with something lighter. With that I will report briefly on a text message I received Friday that made my entire week.

I was wrapping up at internship, finishing up some documentation, when my hUbs sent me a text message asking me when school starts up again in January. I responded and then asked him why. I had a slight uneasiness that his answer would be because someone was coming to visit and stay with us at the beginning of the year. Please don’t misunderstand me, I love when our friends and family come and stay with us. With that being said, I also know that I am in desperate need of the break that will come between semesters and I just don’t know that entertaining company will give me the break that I truly need.

The response that he sent me got me completely off-guard. He wanted to know because he was considering planning a trip for us over winter break. We had toYes with the idea In passing not long ago, but I in no way thought we were serious. This was the absolute best news I could have possibly received from him.

Not long after this text message exchange I left internship and gave him a call on my way home. We talked back and forth about what he had been thinking and once I got home we talked some more and began brainstorming together.

Right now the idea is still being painted with very broad Strokes. We are thinking the city like Austin or going back to DC possibly. We are also toying with the idea of winter in the mountains.

Honestly I’m just so thrilled that he wants to take me away that I don’t feel too particular about the destination. It’s so unexpected and so welcome I feel like I could be happy anywhere. I kind of like that we don’t have something specific in mind too, it adds a level of adventure to the whole thing. We’re just going to randomly decide to go and explore somewhere. That sounds absolutely amazing right now.

So that is my little bit of news that is a bit lighter. As always I’m grateful for the balance in my life. I’m particularly grateful for the balance that my sweet partner brings to my life. I haven’t been overly vocal about the heaviness I’m feeling because some of it I kind of want to just process on my own. But even in that I think he has picked up on it and maybe somehow he knew I needed this. I’m just really grateful, I don’t think I can say much more than that.

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