Connection and Transformation

Today I was drawing in class because I am sad to report that I am learning NOTHING in this class right now and drawing seemed like a much better use of my time. Side rant about school.. I have already mentioned this briefly in passing, I am getting next to nothing out of grad school right now. They are recycling information and assignments from undergrad. I mean this very literally. I have literally already done some of these exact assignments and today for example I watched an hour long video that I watched in undergrad. I am disappointed but I digress.

So today I was drawing in class and I had this awesome idea for a new art piece that I want to work on when I have time. It will be a piece about transformation and connection. I was drawing one thing today and then recognized how using the exact same elements (shapes, line work etc) I could create a completely new object. It made me think about how everything is connected in nature and in life and the transformations all living things go through. It made me think of evolution and creation and I got super excited with this inspiration.

Right now the idea I have for the piece is still pretty abstract and maybe I will refine it a bit or maybe not and that is okay too. A lot of the stuff I paint is pretty readable and I think that speaks to a piece of me that is maybe still a bit insecure with my artistic abilities.. like if what I create isn’t readable it is not good or something. I don’t think I actually believe that though because some of my favorite artists are abstract and bizarre.

So yeah, we will see. I am pretty bummed about school right now but it is giving me opportunities to explore other things I guess.. I feel like I am doing my best to make lemonade right now.


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