Next Level Exhausted


I am beyond. I am so worn out, there has been too much everything and not enough nothing. I think a big piece of it is my soul still adjusting to being back in “the real world”, it feels like soul camp was a year ago and it was just last week. Another piece of it is just having a whirlwind of a week. I am thankful I had the week off of school but if I am being honest I am not even feeling the benefits of that break at this point in the week. It was definitely what I needed at the beginning of the week though so I have gratitude for that.

The main issue with the second half of the week is just what I said, too many things to do without downtime to balance the busy. I do not do well when I lose that balance. As an introvert I need breaks. I need quiet, I need time for nothing. This week brought along with it late night nights at internship, evening plans with friends (which is completely unheard of for me but we had friends visiting from out of state), car repairs, errands, family time, and festivals.

The thing about being busy and being exhausted is that I get exhausted by plans in general. It does not matter if they are professional commitments or social plans I have made and am looking forward to. Anything that takes me out of my home to interact with others zaps my energy. By 4:00 this afternoon my cup was not only empty, it was bone dry.

I got a 15 minute nap before Todd and I left and walked into town for an annual block party our neighborhood throws. We stayed for about an hour before walking home. I am grateful for an introverted husband who gets what I am feeling and does not get disappointed by having an early evening sometimes.

So tonight I will write (there will be some rapid fire posts coming out because I have not had time to write this week), I will drink hot tea and put on some oils, I will watch the Cubs hopefully win, and cuddle on the couch with my two favorites. Going to try to take of me and have much needed quiet time so I can start the next week fresh and ready.


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