Little You and Little Me


Something I love about my hubs (there are many somethings, this is just one) he gets my idealism. He doesn’t just get it, he thinks it’s pretty fucking great. I have explained before about the balance that occurs between us and it is a necessary balance. We are different, we think those difference are beautiful, and important, and valuable. We are also similar. I can be a realist when I feel so inclined and my sweet serious, rational, logical husband has an inner 5 year old just like me who he sometimes allows to come out and play with mine. The best part about that, little Jill and little Todd are best buds and have the greatest adventures.

This week they had a great time. They went on an adventure in a old fashioned toy store and then climbed a tree together and walked around a park smelling different kinds of roses to see which one was the sweetest. Well little Jill did most of the climbing and smelling because even little Todd is still a bit cautious but he still showed up and he still played and it was fun.

We ended our adventure at a book store which is one of our favorite past times, wandering around local book stores.

This is part of what self-care looks like for me. This is how I refill my cup. My inner 5 year old sits on the surface most of the time, waiting to come out and show people a different more pure way to see the world. It is always fun when other grown ups allow their inner 5 year olds out to play and explore too.




2 thoughts on “Little You and Little Me

  1. I think that’s one of my favorite things about being an INFP and something I hold onto fiercely because the world doesn’t usually get it or appreciate it–but I do. I’m so in touch with my six year old self, and I honestly wouldn’t be able to deal with anything if I didn’t indulge her often. It may make me a little weird when I’m interacting with adults, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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