Finding My Way as a Clinician


Internship is going so well. My last internship was phenomenal, it was everything you could want out of an internship, down to my winning intern of the semester. I mean you really can’t top that right? Wrong!

I thought the reason that internship was so amazing was because it was in my wheel house. I thought, Of course I am doing well, I know how to do this stuff. I thought I was only as successful as I was because of my background knowledge, I was hesitant to give myself too much credit because I did not feel challenged enough.

Okay so here is the thing about that, I was wrong. I was wrong not to give myself credit. I was wrong not to believe in myself as a social worker, instead of just a medical worker. This internship I shoved myself as far out of my comfort zone as I could go and it is still amazing and I am still amazing and this experience is EVERYTHING! I love this population that I was once so afraid of, I love the work, I love the therapeutic aspects of the work, and I love how much space I have been given to grow as a clinician and find my own way.

This freedom has helped me realize there is something for me in art therapy. I have had so many opportunities to take out of the box approaches to therapeutic interventions and had some incredible outcomes with my clients. Today a client and I decided to paint together and low and behold 7 other clients decided to join us. It ended up being an impromptu art therapy group and it was incredible. Clients who I never would have pegged for this type of intervention walked right up and asked for paint and a brush. And not just that they really allowed themselves to be free and create.

I have to be honest, I am getting very little out of grad school right now. I love my groups class, and I am getting more foundation in theories out of my families class but ultimately these classes are not challenging me in the slightest and I am severely disappointed. I wanted more out of this experience. I know full well that I will be signing up for specialty training after I graduate, what I want to learn I will have to go out and find for myself because I am not going to get it here. Bummer. I am so excited for my next steps though. I have already started researching different certifications I am interested in. I am grateful for internship because that is where I am learning for sure.

This is such an exciting time in my social work journey. Years from now I will look back at this year as the time where I began to figure out my path. I feel myself coming into my own. I am going to pitch another idea for group this week; I love that I am in a place where I have confidence in myself as a clinician and my ideas/interventions and am supported in a way that results in success. This is a really special time and I am loving every minute of it.


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