An Ode to You Dear Soul


My husband is one of the special souls who came into my life to remind me of my light. He has shown me day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year the goodness of love and how easy I am to love (which I am sad to say is a reminder I sometimes need).

My husband has never feared my darkness the way I do. He seems to always have a light at just the right moment and has helped me many times relight my own.

He has brought all the S’s into my life that I was missing- Safety, Stability, Security, Strength, Space.

There was so much I did not believe in before him and that is not to say that he has given me my truth either- my truth is something I have had to come to on my own- what he has given me is the space and safety to do the work. He knows that this is my journey he is always there on the side lines encouraging me and keeping me grounded as I find my way. My truth does not have to be his truth and vise versa because in this relationship we are allowed to belong to each other and ourselves.


He has brought feelings and color into my life I have never experienced before and given me space while I open a door to even more.

I am grateful beyond measure for this sweet soul, my love is deep and limitless. So today, on the day of his birth I celebrate my favorite human and soul friend, my life partner.

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