Paint Stained Finger Tips


I am OVER IT! And by IT I am obviously talking about all the political nonsense whirling around in America. Please stop the ride so I can get off.

I am at the point of total escapism. I don’t care of what anyone thinks of this, I don’t care what this says about me. I just. don’t. care!

As a true blue INFP I am always looking for excuses to escape into myself anyway, this is as good an excuse as any other.

So I have been doing what I do best, focusing my energy on creating and all things that feed my heart, mind, and spirit. I have been doing lots of painting, playing in the kitchen with culinary creations (I made an enchilada sauce from scratch for whole wheat black bean enchiladas and it was delish!), lots of reading for fun, and spending time with others who will indulge me in deep conversations.

I named my latest painting Philomena Threshgood, she was the inspiration for the title of this post. I used my fingers to blend the different shades of red in the heart and did not wash the paint off properly (I never do) which left with me paint stained finger tips the color of ox blood.


I did not think twice about the paint left on my fingers until I was leaving this morning to meet a girlfriend for tea downtown. I suddenly realized how disturbing this might look to another person and proceeded to scrub my fingers.

My girlfriend and I were meeting to work on a group assignment for class but we also had plenty of time for social chat. We talked about school, and family, and relationship dynamics over tea while the tea house clambered in the background. I love all the local cafes around town, most of them have art from local artists hanging on the walls. Today there was a piece I cannot describe fully other than to say it was as if I had stumbled into someone else’s dream land. It gave me a bit of inspiration for the next piece I will create.. I think I am going to play in surrealism..

There is a lot of negative energy banging around out there and sometimes it is just too much. It is important to step back and see the magic. Whether it is the magic of nature, spiritual energy, love and human connection, creative expression, or any other kind of magic we make for ourselves.


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