Post Matthew

Hurricane Matthew has come and gone with little to report, thankfully. Some friends on FB are now making jokes, like we Floridians so often do, about the level of hype around the storm versus the outcome – which was admittedly unimpressive where we live. Personally I am not laughing though. We got lucky, that’s it. It was a serious storm to be taken seriously and I am glad we did. Hundreds of people are dead in Haiti, parts of our state are severely flooded.. my point not everyone was as lucky as we were and there is nothing funny about it.

I get that making fun of hurricanes is just something we do here, I also feel like for some people they are laughing almost in relief, like a Thank God kind of moment. Even still, I am grateful for it moving east away from us and my heart hurts for those who were not so fortunate.

So our evening went as follows..

We both came home mid afternoon to finish prepping our home (cleaning up the backyard, readying the inside of the home, and packing things up etc).

We filled the bath tub with water, collected all of our candles, packed overnight bags with two days with of clothes in case we had to leave for any reason, and moved all of our important documents to a safe – easily accessible – place in our home.

I cleaned out the closet in the guestroom which would act as our safe space in the house if there had been tornadoes etc. While I did this Todd cleared the backyard.

We turned our A/C extra low to cool the house in case we lost power, hoping it would keep the house cool until the power was restored.

We set ourselves up in our guestroom which is our safest room in the house in terms of riding out a storm because it is the room in our home that does not have tree limbs hanging over it.

We moved our furniture out of the sun room in case any windows blew out.

One of the last things I did in regards to prepping was packing up my favorites clothes. I know this may seem silly to some but I have some pieces that are special to me such as my wedding dress and an embroidered denim shirt that my mother made for my father when they were dating in the 70’s.

Once we were set up we made a nice dinner, fearing it would be our last warm meal for a little while, and then watched my all time favorite show (Project Runway) while we waited for the storm to arrive.

One of my friends made a joke about how waiting for the storm to start felt like waiting for the commencement of the annual purge! Now I never saw that movie because I cannot handle violence but I still got the idea and she was right, there was a sense of tension and anticipation. What is going to happen? Will we be safe? Will our windows make it? Will the trees on our property withstand?  It is scary.

Around 10ish the winds began to pick up. We decided it was time to move to the guestroom AKA the safe room and finishing watching my show there. After my show we turned on the news and left it on until we fell asleep around midnight.

I really like our guestroom, I have decorated it to feel like a serene sanctuary for all guests who stay with us. With that being said, it was not so serene sharing a a queen bed with my 6 ft+ husband and 150+ lb dog. It was a tight squeeze. Plus there was no way tom have restful sleep. The winds howled, the rain pounded, every few hours I would wake with a start and tell hubs to turn on the TV so we could get the latest update. We moved the armoire in that room in front of the window so worst case scenario if a tree limb came through the window we would be protected. It was a stressful night.

I was impressed with Lu, she braved the windy conditions and went out to go potty between rain bands (as we deemed it was safe for her to do so).

End result is that we were fortunate. We had no major damage on our property or in our neighborhood, mainly tree debris. Our power flickered a few times but never went out so we we were able to follow updates on the news, take hot showers, and have the A/C going.

I really am thankful.

My parents house flooded but it is not what it sounds like.. My father, the sweet man that he is, is also a bit absent minded (I can relate – it is a family trait). He turned on the bath tub yesterday evening to fill it up in case the water was needed if the power went out and he forgot about it. It ran for so long with anyone noticing that one half of their house flooded. The storm was starting to get bad and they were busy wet vacuuming bedroom carpets and emptying closets that were damaged by water. It is a bit ironic that during hurricane Matthew their home suffered water damage but not from the storm.. Poor guy, he was not happy with himself at all.

Aside from the storm raging outside (we may have fared well but it was a dangerous storm and the winds were strong) today was a relatively relaxing day. I colored in a coloring book, read some more Harry Potter, watched Star Wars and Harry Potter, cooked us a nice dinner.. We even took a walk once it was safe and not raining.

The storm did not impact us the way that we expected, which is wonderful, but it did give us a taste of what this feels like now as adults. We were responsible for our home and for keeping our family safe. We talked about how much more stressful this whole ordeal would have been if we had young children right now (my brother has two 2 year olds, plus the big kids (6 and 10)). It made us both think twice about the kind of property we want to live on in our next home and what safety will look like in that home.

I hope all my local friends and followers were safe and experienced little to no impact during the storm. Hurricane season is not over yet so I am hoping for an uneventful end to the season.


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