On Not Hiding

I just have to say this because it is important.. I have been open about the fact that I am therapy since starting back over a year ago. I have talked at length about my intention behind being so open as a way to reduce stigma. I think this intention has made an impact because in the last year so many of my friends from school and in my personal life have come to me asking about my being in therapy and then proceeded to start with a therapist themselves. The big one though is that two of my family members who said they would not be open to therapy in the past are now not only in therapy but are doing deep trauma work like I am.

I have not tried to convince anyone, I have not given unsolicited opinions or advice.. I have only spoken my truth and only when appropriate to do so. One of my family members started their first session tonight and called me after to tell me that their therapist is a “wizard” and that my therapist (who made the referral for them) “hit it out of the park”.

My heart is so full knowing that just by choosing not to live in shame over the fact that I am taking care of me by going to therapy so many others are now taking care of themselves and not feeling shame about it as well.

I encourage anyone who is doing their work to be open about it. By giving yourself permission to be authentic and vulnerable in this way you are allowing others to do the same. You do not have to give anyone your reasons for therapy, you do not have to share your story, there is no shame in taking care of yourself though and that is something to embrace fully.

Everyday I feel myself connecting more and more with inner self and sacred truth. This is my hero journey, I embrace it fully and without fear.


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