Death, Art, and Something Sacred

As mentioned in my previous post this week was rocky. The expectations for this week were one thing, the reality another and sometimes that is life.

The week recovered though, with astonishing ease in fact. I did not become a puddle. I did not allow this moment of darkness to grow into a storm that enveloped all other aspects of my life and week. It was what it was and it stayed there. I did that.

Here is what else I did..

I had a major break through with a client who I have met with multiple times and have had difficulty getting more than a shoulder shrug out of while in session. This was big. I felt like super social worker, my first big break through!

I got to be creative and brainstorm on a art project of sorts with a fellow intern.. This thing we are crating together will be displayed in our agency, we are excited about it, the ideas are flowing and it so fun.

I carved out me time which included reading, writing, getting my calendar organized, running errands related to Todd’s upcoming birthday, and watching the old Star Wars movies.

The real icing on the cake though was a visit from one of my soul friends..

It is like she sensed that I needed her this week. Our time together was enriching and authentic and everything I needed and I was grateful.

She arrived at my home right as I was getting home from internship. As she approached she had a gift in her hand and told me it was for me. I was surprised. It is not my birthday.. what is this about? When she handed it to me I knew instantly that it was art, I thought maybe she painted me something (she has done that before). When I got it open it was a painting of a boxer (which is what Lucy is) on a vibrant yellow background.


I was touched. I was even more touched when she told me the back story..

Apparently this piece was painted by a local artist, an older woman, who recently died. From what my friend said she had years worth of paintings she created, a lifetimes worth I would be willing to guess, and when she passed her family wanted them to go to good home which is how my friend came upon this piece. I am not quite clear on all the details but I know my friend was able to get a few pieces for herself and then saw this piece and got it for me.

My heart swelled as she told me the story. I am SO honored to be part of this woman’s legacy. I am honored to own one of her pieces and have it displayed in my home. Creating art is a labor of love. I have a special attachment to every single piece I make and I would want the exact same thing when I am dead and gone one day, give my creations to good homes. Let them live on walls and be loved by fellow artists. It is so special. I was deeply deeply moved that my friend thought of me and that I get to provide this piece with a home.

I immediately framed it and made a home for it over the fire place next to my very favorite piece in my home. This is part of this woman’s legacy.. it is such a beautiful thing.

Outside of being almost moved to tears by my friend’s gesture the rest of our time together was wonderful as well. I feel so myself when I am with her. I do not have to put on airs, I do not have to be happy if I am not, she accepts me in all of it, as I do her. I am really grateful for her and to have had time with her on such a rocky week.

Today I get to welcome my sweet husband home, I cannot wait to see his beautiful face. In the mean time I will enjoy every ounce of my alone time and the quiet within it.




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