The Natural Goodness of the World


I do group workshops from time to time as part of my therapy. It is essentially a form of group therapy but my therapist does not call it “group therapy” intentionally because of the way it is structured. The workshops are always around the topic of self-love usually hitting on some specific sub-topic. I love these workshops. They are typically all female, creative in nature, and I always leave feeling like my soul has been cleansed. One thing my therapist always does is bring in all the different elements for balance. There is nature, fire, air, water etc.

I was thinking about that today when I was sitting in my living room. Todd had run out to pick up some things needed for our company, I was done cleaning so I was relaxing with my book and listening to music. At the end of my chapter I placed my book on the coffee table and looked around the room. My eyes lingered on the art, that which was made by my own hand and that which was made by some of my favorite artists. Next to my favorite piece in the room, a Jordan Crane, is our salt lamp. I love it for the beautiful hue it casts upon the room, its warm glow makes the room feel cozy. My eye then moved to the coffee table where I found myself mesmerized by the candles flickering away in their globes. There is something entrancing about a flame right? Campfires, candle light.. I get lost in it.

When I snapped out of my trance I found I was thinking about the different elements and how balanced I feel during these workshops where my therapist goes out of her way to incorporate them. Then I realized that without being cognizant of it I had done the exact same thing in my living room. All the elements were right here in front of me, keeping me grounded, offering me balance. There is the earth on the hearth, we have a large container full of stones from all the trails we have hiked in different states while traveling. There is fire provided by all the candles around the room. Water in the form of vapor coming from the oil diffuser, the oils themselves making me more aware of the air thanks to the scent they add to the room..

You are not always consciously aware of what you need to feel grounded and balanced but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to still show up for yourself and make sure those needs are met. I have added these elements to the room little by little over time and without the any clear intention, I just liked each thing individually. Now here they all are making this room one of the most comforting balanced rooms in our whole home.

It is the room we spend time together as a family and where we entertain friends. It is the room where I do yoga and read and write and paint/draw. It is the room where we play and dance and laugh. It is the room where life takes place and I am grateful for all the natural goodness of the world that exists in this room.


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