Making Sickness Less Suck

I am on day 6 of being ill and I am finally feeling like I am turning a corner. I did miss a lot this week though because of this virus. I missed 3 classes and all three days of internship, I am not thrilled about any of that. What can you do though? Sometimes your body needs a break.

Being sick is not fun for many reasons. I feel like I can’t do anything, I get stir crazy. By day three of my illness I started getting creative. I could not tolerate another day of laying in bed/on the couch.

Over the past three days I have created multiple different cuddle spots around the house from pillow forts to inflating the blow up mattress in front of the living room TV. Sometimes just a change of scenery can make all the difference when you are sick. Plus you are never too old to make a tent out of dining room chairs and sheets.

Other things that have made this illness less suck: coloring, essential oils, drawing, assorted teas, and Harry Potter! There was a Harry Potter marathon last weekend the first day I was sick and later that day Todd ordered me the entire book series because he had a bookstore member discount he needed to use before it expired. They came yesterday and it made my day!

I am thankful to finally have some of my energy back, although I also know that means it is time to deconstruct all of my cuddle spots and clean the house. It was fun while it lasted, how often can you say that about being sick?



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