Bed Wetters, It is Not a Love Story

You can be known for many things, good and bad. I am known to cry when watching TV, to be very artistic, to go on feminist rants, and for avoiding goofy hand shakes at all costs. I am also known to have terrible hearing. True story.

If you are trying to talk to me and there is a lot of background noise chances are I will not be able to hear you. Do not bother trying to tell me a secret, I cannot hear whispers at all. My TV is always to loud, same with my radio. And in general in life I mishear a lot of what people say, no mumbling please.

This story speaks specifically to that last piece. I am constantly mishearing people and having to ask them to repeat themselves. Sometimes I don’t though because I know what I heard is 10 times funnier than whatever was actually said. Case in point, Todd and I were checking out at the grocery yesterday and the young man bagging our groceries was chatting us up. He was telling us about this book he is writing, whether he is actually writing a book or not is completely irrelevant because the conversation was hilarious, this guy had a lot of personality. He asked us what the title of his book should be, I said well I guess that would depend on the subject. He then said, Bed wetters, but it is not a love story. Todd and I both started laughing. I knew I had heard him wrong but the way he said it would have been funny no matter what the subject was, I just laughed a little harder because of what I heard. He then describes his two main characters, Gerge (not George, he was very clear about this. Gerge, pronounced Jerj. ) and Rain his love interest. I then teased him, Oh but it’s not a love story.. He joked back and forth with Todd and I as he bagged up the last of our items and we wished him luck as we left.

When we were walking to the car I asked Todd, what did he say before but it’s not a love story? Vampires, Todd told me. I told him what I had heard and we both started laughing again. My version of the book would have been waaaay funnier and more interesting than his I think. I mean there are a million stories about vampires out there but none that I can think about the misadventures of bed wetters. I should totally write that story, and for the record, mine would be a love story.



Hey guess what folks, as I was looking for some kind of funny picture to capture the essence of this post (I kinda wanted a guy and a girl with pee spots on their pants holding hands) I found this! Apparently the story does already exist after all. Ah well, that saves me from having to write it. Which is good, I should be writing a paper for class if I have the extra time to write I guess.



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