Andromeda Strain


So I solved my dilemma with what to read next. I reviewed my book shelf and decided there was nothing I was interested in rereading right now. I then proceeded over to Todd’s book shelf to snoop around.

Here is the thing about Todd’s book shelf.. The entire bottom shelf is physics, calculus, and various other text books (yes my husband buys and reads text books for leisure, he is constantly teaching himself new things). The second shelf from the bottom is all true war/military novels, not my cup of tea either; with the exception of some WWII stories. So you get where I am going with this, my husband’s tastes and my tastes in literature vary greatly. My entire bookcase is fantasy, and fiction, and young adult, and anything else that allows ones imagination to run free. Todd’s are practical, non-fiction, educational, and quite sensible really. Todd does have one shelf that I sometimes borrow from though, the top shelf. The top shelf is the fiction shelf, Todd’s kind of fiction.

Todd’s top shelf consists of J.R.R. Tolkien (The Hobbit, LOTR, etc), Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park, Lost World, Andromeda Strain, etc), The Hunger Games Trilogy, Enders Game, and the Divergent Trilogy. I have read many books from his top shelf, I have never read Crichton though so I thought I would give him a try, so many people seem to love his work. I decided to start with Todd’s favorite book of all time, Andromeda Strain.

I swiped the book off the shelf and scurried off to bed where Todd and Lucy were already settled in. I plopped onto the mattress next to him and he scoped out the selection I had made. He was surprised by my pick, I asked him a bit about it to see if he thought I would like it. He wasn’t positive one way or the other so I decided I would give it a try until I decide I don’t like it. That was not a problem at all though. It is so good!! It starts off with a bang, the suspense is thick from the very beginning, that’s pretty good I think. I mean we as the reader barely even knows what is happening and already he has you on edge! If I wasn’t so tired each night after internship I would read for hours.

I am always excited to have a book to be excited about. Bedtime isn’t bedtime with a book in my hand.


5 thoughts on “Andromeda Strain

  1. Absolutely nothing beats a good book! I will have to have a look at Andromeda Strain, I’ve never heard of it.
    I’m currently rereading (for the 1000th time) my all time favourite book series The Belgariad and The Malloreon by David Eddings, absolutely amazing! If you like fantasy type books and havent ​read them you are missing out 🙂


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