Have you ever read a book or a document that has parts that have been blacked out? Redaction, from what I understand, is something the government does to protect sensitive information. Todd reads some true war stories and many of these books are covered in redaction. He will be reading along and then whole paragraphs will be blacked out. Every time I see this it makes me so curious, what is under there and why are you hiding it??

It happens when I interact with people sometimes too. You can tell they are not being real. I know it can be scary to show up as our true selves  in life but the alternative is that some people are going to perceive the redactions and be wary. I am certainly wary of people when I can sense redactions or a really obvious mask. What is under there and why are you hiding it? Much like the government I am sure they are trying to hide and protect sensitive information that could be used against them.

I try to approach people like this with curiosity rather than judgement. Part of my truth is I am skeptical though. Masks are scary. It could be just a cover for insecurities, it could also be a cover for ulterior motives, a wolf in sheep’s clothing situation. How do you know? You don’t and ultimately you have a choice to make, to engage or not engage.


I am thinking of a specific person as I write this. My intuition is telling me that this person’s redactions, the mask they wear, is in part an elaborate cover for deep rooted insecurities, but I also feel something kind of dark, almost dangerous. I don’t know what that is but my gut tells me to proceed with caution, keep my distance, safety first.

I think there is a balance to be struck between the mask and being 100% real all the time. And that my friends is a  post for another day.


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